Aim to become a comprehensive company specialized in special purpose vehicles through strengthening R & D and developing future growth goods and services.

  • Lift Axle

    Specialized in Lift Axle for medium/Heavy trucks

    • - Manufacture and installation of Pusher /Tag Axle and Suspension parts
  • Special vehicle

    Develop a series of special vehicles based on domestic / imported cargo truck.

    • - Crane vehicles, Dump trucks, Wing body truck, Arm roll truck, Tank lorries, Trailers, etc.

    Medium Tractor

    Special utility electric vehicle (SUEV)

  • 1 ton - long body truck

    Extended cargobox by 830mm (max. in Korea)

    Increased profitability with increased load area

  • Steel Cargo Box

    Inside width : 2,430 mm (max. in domestic)

    Lightweight parts used

    Floor : High strength steel

  • Hyundai commercial services (comprehensive Blue Hands)

    Commercial truck and bus maintenance service

    • - Authorized Hyundai Motors service center

    ZF services

  • A/S and parts sales

    Sale of air suspension and Lift Axle shaft parts

    Operates 29 service centers nationwide