KOREA TRIAXLE Corporate Identity

  • CI (Korean / English)
    • The logo of Korea Triaxle Co., Ltd. has designed its logo with a Lift Axle shaft shape.
    • Especially, the logo is considered to contribute greatly to enhance consumer’s awareness. It is designed considering the unity of the mark when it was combined and focuses on enhancing the readability while emphasizing the characteristic and uniqueness of the company.




  • PANTONE Reflex Blue M
    Process : C100 / M80
  • PANTONE Orange 021 M
    Process : M53 / Y100

  • 캐릭터

    PANTONE Reflex Blue M
    Process : K50
  • 캐릭터

    Process : K30
  • 캐릭터

    Process : K15
  • 캐릭터

    Basic color : Black & White